5 Real-Girl Ways to Style Your Silver Rings

Silver rings have been a jewelry staple for about as long as there has been fashion. It’s because silver jewelry is classic, timeless, and incredibly versatile. If you are into giant statement pieces or thin, elegant adornments, silver can carry anything off with style and flair.

Here are the 5 ways to style your silver rings to help you find the perfect signature style.

Enjoy Stacking

The journey to stackhood starts with a single ring. First, find a ring that you know and love – it can be small and simple, or a big and ornate ring you’d like to stack around.  When combining rings, it’s important to think about shape. You want to layer rings that will fit well together, or else you’ll have awkward empty spaces on your fingers. 

Switching up metals will allow your rings to really stand out from one another and highlight their features—bronze, brass, silver, and gold tones can look absolutely gorgeous when worn together.

There’s really no wrong way to start stacking jewelry. Whether you go for ringscuffs, or even necklaces, the key to stacking is wearing what you love. When jewelry makes you happy, it’ll never look bad.

Wear Silver Rings With Leather

Tan leather and suede are both excellent complements to silver jewelry. They’re also a great way to lend an otherwise plain outfit a boho air.

Pairing your silver rings with leather cuffs is a brilliant way to contrast both elements. Leather jackets, bags, and belts will also give your silver jewelry the ideal backdrop to really pop.


An attention-getting ring will naturally draw peoples’ eyes to your hands so mind your nails and cuticles are groomed to perfection. A French manicure is a perfect way to give your silver rings an understated yet elegant backdrop to really shine.

That said, don’t be afraid to experiment with color! Matching silver rings with dark nail shades such as deep purple, wine, or navy is a great way to anchor a silver knuckle ring.

If you want to really stand out, matching a statement ring to an accented ring finger manicure is a great choice. Just remember not to overreach with your colors. Shades of white, grey, and black are ideal for accent/statement pairs.

Choose The Right Pattern

Slide your heavier rings down to the bottom of your fingers, and balance the look with thick, geometric shapes on both of your pinkies. Your middle and pointer fingers should be adorned with thinner, more delicate pieces.

Invest in a matching set of rings with a colorful gemstone, and find a midi ring that complements the designs. Keep on the piece you wear every day, it’ll start to look natural no matter what you pair it with.


If there is no statement piece to work around and all of your special jewellery pieces are equal standouts, try to mix them by thickness and size. Layer your sterling silver rings by varying types.

If you’re a minimalist, it doesn’t mean you have to choose thin rings. Add some dimension to your look by opting for chunky sterling silver rings that are not only sleek but cool as heck too.

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