5 Tips For Choosing Your Sterling Silver Wedding Jewelry

Jewelry, quite surprisingly, seems to be an afterthought, rather than a priority, when it comes to planning a wedding. Big mistake! The right jewellery should show off your beautiful dress and make you feel fantastic, all day long.

It’s easy to get carried away with your budget, because you want everything to be perfect, but everyone has to rein it in a little. Your wedding jewelry doesn’t need to eat away at your bank balance – there are so many options and solutions for accessories on a budget. Ahead, we’ve narrowed down some tips and tricks to bear in mind when you’re picking out your wday jewels.


If you’re after something with more of a vintage feel, or you’d just like to wear something with a little sentiment, the best place to search is your family’s jewelry boxes (with permission, of course!). Does your Grandmother have a gorgeous sterling silver ring with pearls that she’ll lend you for W-day? Not only will this family heirloom have real meaning as you rock it during the ceremony (something old, people!), but it’s completely free and ripe for the taking.


Rather than turn up to your ceremony dripping with diamonds, go with jewelry combinations that you’re comfortable with. Unlike your dress, you can get more than one use out of your marital gems, so pick the kind of sterling silver jewelry you could see yourself wearing time and time again.



If you want some real show-stopping accessories on your big day, there’s no point buying them for their RRP – who can afford that? Instead, shop at a jewelry rental store and enjoy the Cinderella feeling of wearing exceptionally beautiful gems just for the night. Be careful with these pieces though and don’t get so drunk that you leave hundreds of pounds worth of jewels in a nearby river.


Your sterling silver wedding jewelry should express your personality, but it should also complement your dress. Less is usually more – you want to look natural and not cluttered with gems. For example, don’t pair a heavily decorated wedding dress with a necklace, because it’ll look far too busy.

Short-sleeved dresses should include a bracelet and halternecks should focus on the hair accessories. Sweetheart or strapless dresses work best with chandelier earrings and v-necks need something to adorn their neckline, such as a pendant or a choker. Really, you only need to think about one focal piece of jewelry; whatever you do, don’t choose one of every accessory as your w-day ensemble will look more disheveled than debonair.


Getting high quality diamond simulant is absolutely fine. No-one needs mined diamonds when a diamond simulant looks just as gorgeous. Before you start popping tags, consider the alternative accessories that’ll save you money. You can then invest that extra cash back into W-day. With wedding prices so high in the UK, you’re going to need all the spare change you’ve got!

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  1. I agree that I should go with jewelry combinations that I am comfortable with. I’ve been flooded with suggestions from my own mother and other female relatives on what I should wear on the day of my wedding, but I’m not really someone who would go for something grand. I’d rather pick something simple that I could see myself wearing even on normal days, so I’d just shop around for silver bracelets that could match my chosen earrings.

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