Sterling Silver Jewelry As A Gift

6 Creative Ways to Present Sterling Silver Jewelry As A Gift

You finally found the perfect sterling silver jewelry gift — the gift that’s sure to elicit ohh’s and ahhh’s from your special someone. Try a new way to wrap the present. Make the presentation a show that ends with excitement over your thoughtfulness. If you’re not sure how to make your jewelry gift stand out, check out our creative ways to give a gift.

Sterling Silver Jewelry As A Gift Is Something You Can Hide Easily

A different take on the scavenger hunt idea is to hide the gift and have the recipient find it. You might give verbal clues or give a general location. For example, announce that something special is hidden in the Christmas tree area or somewhere in the kitchen.

Add a high-tech twist by texting written or picture clues to the recipient. Another option is to play the hot-cold game to let the recipient know when they are close. Finding the gift is entertaining on its own, but seeing what’s inside makes the game even more fun.

Gift your special loved one

Surprise Timing For Sterling Silver jewelry as a gift

When you have a prime gift-giving occasion, such as Chrsitmas, your significant other probably knows a gift is coming. To throw off that expectation, change up the timing of the gift giving. For example, if you normally exchange gifts with your spouse at a special dinner on your anniversary, present them with their anniversary jewelry gift first thing in the morning. The timing of the surprise present catches them off guard and makes the gift more exciting.

Misleading Packaging

Sterling Silver Jewelry boxes are usually easy to recognize when presented in wrapping paper. A misleading package presentation keeps the recipient in suspense a little longer. If the recipient has a good sense of humor, try wrapping the jewelry inside a larger box for a mundane item, such as a new toaster or a pair of shoes. It’s okay if the initial reaction is one of disappointment. Once the box comes open and the real gift is revealed, their disappointment will quickly be replaced with joy and excitement.

Special Location

Make the sterling silver jewelry presentation more meaningful by taking the recipient to a location that has special meaning. This could be the recipient’s favorite spot, such as a scenic overlook or a favorite coffee shop. Another option is to choose a location where you previously shared a special memory.

You might go back to the place where you had your first date or the place where you got married. Make the presentation even more memorable by talking first about why the place is special. When the moment is right, pull out the new piece of jewelry you selected. Now the location has even more significance to both of you.

Holiday Ornament Presentation

If you’re gifting a sterling silver necklace or bracelet at the holidays, present the jewelry inside a clear glass ornament. You can find plain ornaments at many craft stores. Slip the hanger top off the ornament to slide the jewelry inside. The opening is usually small, so this idea only works for small, thin jewelry pieces. Add a little fake snow or confetti in the bottom of the ornament for added color.

Place the jewelry in a stocking hung where the recipient can see it or place the jewelry inside a homemade Christmas cracker. You could also cut a tree shape from green cardstock and press earrings through the tree as sparkling ornaments. The same idea works on a wreath shape.

Special Delivery Person

A gift directly from you may be expected, but sterling silver jewelry as a gift is special and surprising by sending someone else to deliver the jewelry. One option is to have your child be the delivery person. If you don’t have kids of your own, enlist the help of a niece or nephew. Some people use a pet as a delivery method. If you choose this option, make sure you secure the silver jewelry well so it doesn’t fall off. Also make sure your pet is a willing and obedient participant.

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