Shop without a budget

The sheer number of rings on the market can easily overwhelm a shopper. You’re facing decisions about sterling silver, silver, platinum, gemstones, solitaires, diamond shapesclarity and colour, settings and more.

Do yourself a favour and reduce the selection. You can narrow the field before you even step into a jeweller’s shop by preparing a budget for this purchase. Not only will a budget help you to zero in on appropriate rings, but it will reduce your financial anxiety as you shop and help you to enjoy this unique experience.

Focus on the size of the diamond

The diamond’s carat weight is significant, for sure, but don’t miss the forest for the trees. Each component of an engagement ring contributes to its overall appeal. How does the setting complement the stone? Is the design harmonious? She’s not going to walk around telling everyone the carat weight of her diamond, so balance carat weight with other essential factors, such as how it suits her personality and your relationship.

Forget to focus on the size of the ring

It’s one thing to stop focusing on the size of the diamond, and it’s another thing entirely to neglect paying attention to your fiancés ring size. Avoid having to resize the ring later by getting it right the first time. Learn more about sizing here.

Choose what you like instead of what she loves

Yes, you’re the one buying the ring, but you’re not the one who will be wearing it every day. Take some time to notice her preferences. Which metals does she wear most often? (She’ll want it to match her other jewellery). Does she prefer intricate or straightforward designs? How does she like to dress? A person who loves to wear vintage clothing probably won’t feel comfortable with an ultra-modern ring.

Another way to learn about her preferences is to dig into her social media. Does she have any jewellery or fashion pictures on her Instagram feed or Pinterest boards? Do your homework and reap the rewards of a delighted fiancee.

Forget about comfort

Long after the gown and tuxedo have been to the dry cleaners, and the wedding photos have been hung on the wall, that glamorous engagement ring will still grace the finger of your beloved every single day. That’s why comfort should be an important consideration while you’re shopping.

Women with active lifestyles may not be comfortable wearing a ring with a high profile. It will snag on their clothing and could become damaged. And some rings are just more comfortable than others. For example, some rings with a really thick band may make it hard to close your finger..

Forget to consider a matching wedding ring

Many brides prefer a wedding set to a simple engagement ring. If this is the case for your bride-to-be, start with a “set” mentality. While it’s possible to find a matching band later on after you purchase an engagement ring, you’ll get the best results from buying coordinating set to begin with.

Fail to insure the ring

When you finally discover the perfect ring, be sure to cover it with Q Report jewellery insurance. Instead of worrying about damage and loss, enjoy that treasured ring every day, no matter where you go. Start by getting a free, instant quote. Together, let’s protect the things you love.

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