9 Bridal Jewelry Trends You’re Going to See Everywhere

If you are wearing that exquisite sparkling silver ring in your finger, we know that you and your partner are “crazy in love.” Wedding is perhaps one of the biggest milestones of a couple’s life. It’s the celebration of your eternal love. All couples want to have an unforgettable wedding and they are always on a lookout for bridal new trends that can add a magical touch to their events.

While simple diamond pendants and pearl earrings are certainly the bread and butter of classic bridal jewelry, “classic” certainly doesn’t apply to every bride. For this blog, we are not talking about engagement rings; we’re talking about all the other special jewellery brides wear on their big day.

Green Tones

Something blue has recently transitioned into something green. Whether it’s a green sapphire, emerald, or jade, the color is on high demand, and it’s sure to make an everlasting impression on any bride’s special day.

Gone are the days of all-white weddings. Brides are starting to move toward jewelry with an unexpected color or stone as a fun and easy way for her personality to shine through on her big day. You can thank Princess Eugenie’s stunning emerald tiara for this trend. This vibrant green stone has royal associations and is popping up everywhere and is sure to replace the blue sapphire as a bridal staple.

The Cluster

Clustering—known as mixing diamonds of different shapes and colors—will be another huge trend that’s super playful and perfectly pairs with a solid gold band.

The cluster bridal trend is here, and I see the longevity for this style. Whether it’s a cluster single band, triple-band, multi-shape, set in white, rose or yellow, the requests have been pouring in for the newest jaw-dropping cluster look.

Stacking Bands

Stacking bands for wedding bands has been very popular in the past few years. We think mixing metals in your stack will continue to be a trend on the rise. If you have a silver or sterling silver engagement ring, adding a simple gold band between it and a diamond band adds some interest to your wedding set.

Collar-Length Statement Necklaces

Collar-length statement necklaces. Necklaces and layering them up have been a trend all year. Chokers and the higher lengths are something we think will carry over into bridal.

Cool-Girl Pearls

Pearls are getting cooler and cooler—not just on the street but down the aisle. I think brides will experiment with pearls in everything from chokers to shoulder dusters, statement earrings, cuffs, and hair accessories. Wearing them on your wedding day can be a nod to tradition while also making a fashion statement in how you choose to wear them.

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