Best 5 Engagement Silver Ring Trends You Need to Know for 2020

It’s engagement season, and you’ll be seeing all of the latests engagement rings popping up on your Instagram feeds in full force. Whether you already have the ring of your dreams picked out or you and your partner are just starting to talk about what that bling might look like .

You have to be armed with all the latest engagement ring trends.

Seamless Halo Sterling Silver Engagement Ring 

While ‘halo’ style engagement rings have been around a long time, it is only recently with new setting and construction techniques. The techniques are able to create halo rings with a ‘seamless’ effect where there are minimal gaps between all the stones shown. These styles are popular because it often allows for a smaller center diamond to be enhanced by smaller diamonds around it for maximum sparkle.

It will end up with a ring that looks bigger and shines brighter at a lower price point than if you were to have just one large diamond on its own. If you like your engagement rings big and sparkly, but have a smaller budget to wrestle with, this could be the solution for you.


In 2020 we will see a shift towards transparency and sustainability in engagement rings as the younger Millennials and the first of the Gen Zs [are preparing] to tie the knot. An expert said, “Modern consumers now look to align their personal values with the brands they patron and the ability to tell an authentic story about where and how their ring is made is becoming increasingly more important.”

Marquise sterling silver engagement ring is one of the best example for this. Marquise as a shape is quite popular right now because of how unusual they are in comparison to the more classic shapes used in traditional rings. The pointy ends of the shape give a modern edge to any ring it is used in. Depending on how it’s set, and the design around this stone, it has the ability to feel both modern and timeless at the same time. 

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Unique, Unique, Unique 

Most of the designers we polled are betting on their brides-to-be wanting something personal and breaking with tradition. “For 2020 I think clients will continue to seek out non-traditional rings that feature unusual stones,” says AZLEE founder Baylee Zwart.

We’ve seen the rise of diamond-alternative gemstones for engagement rings over the years, but the experts agree that 2020 will be all about continuing that break with tradition. “Emerald, black diamonds, unique-shaped diamonds and non-traditional shapes like open rings are going to be a hit next year,” says Bleecker and Prince creative director Leehe Segal.

Elongated Cushion Sterling Silver Engagement Ring

When you want your main stone to look slightly rectangular, but without the harsh edges, go for an elongated cushion cut. Whether you set it East-West, or upright (ie. North-South), this shape has a romantic charm to it that is just as effective in vintage inspired settings or modern minimal designs.

If using it upright, it has the added benefit of creating an elongated feel on the hand which is flattering on everyone. Add a sprinkling of tiny diamonds to the sides or on the band if you want extra sparkle.

Multiple Stones

You can thank Meghan Markle for the rise in popularity of the three-stone engagement ring, and 2020 will see brides-to-be wanting even more diamonds. “Three and five stone rings are becoming popular choices for engagement rings,” says designer Ashley Zhang. “[Our Quinn ring] covers across the finger with diamonds and looks great stacked with wedding bands”

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