Eternity Sterling Silver Ring Stone Settings

“Only love gives us the taste of eternity. “

Lots of people consider eternity rings the ultimate type of romantic gift jewelry.  Whether you are celebrating your wedding anniversary or an important milestone, this is the perfect gift.

There are two main eternity ring designs: the full eternity ring and the half eternity ring.

When choosing an eternity sterling silver ring, it’s important to consider the type of setting used to hold the stones in place as this affects the overall aesthetics of the ring.

And we will discuss here the four main eternity ring setting type :

Prong Set Eternity Rings

This type of setting are perhaps the most traditional of setting. To hold the diamonds securely in place on the eternity ring four prongs rise up from the band.

The major benefit of prong set is that they can easily hold most diamond shapes and sizes and is one of the most secure setting for you stones.

Channel Set Eternity Ring

The diamonds or any gemstone on a channel set eternity ring  are in between a metal channel where the stones flow in a continuous row as no metal is used to separate them. 

It is also a good setting for very active hands that enjoy an elegant look in the eternity silver ring design.

Pavé Set Eternity Rings

Pave set eternity bands are similar to prong settings. The main difference being that here the diamonds are held in place by tiny metal beads.

The gemstones or diamonds are set in clusters with encrusted smaller gemstones or diamonds creating extra sparkle and dazzle.

Cut Down Set Eternity Rings

Cut down set eternity rings have no visible strip of metal either side of the diamonds. It is a stunning and beautiful style that allows the diamond to sparkle with minimal hindrance from the metal.

Eternity sterling silver rings aren’t cheap and most people look at them both as a financial and emotional investment . It’s always advisable to make sure your eternity sterling silver ring symbolizes a very special moment in your relationship.  It should mean something to you and capture the very essence of your lasting love and solidarity.

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