How Do I Choose The Right Ring For Her?

Are you planning to pop the question? If yes, you’ve probably practiced going down on one knee and worked on you proposal. Now it’s time to focus on the ring.

 In this article, we will help you avoid a horror show when it comes to choosing an sterling silver engagement ring.

Gather Information

Most of us aren’t best-placed to pick out jewellery for our loved ones. Should you go for a contemporary style or traditional? Do they like white gold, silver, sterling silver or platinum? If you didn’t know that there are different colors of gold, you do now!

If they don’t wear jewellery, you may need to look at their general fashion sense to get some pointers.

Does she have a distinct personal style – laid back or glamorous? All the information you can provide about your loved one is helpful to your consultant. When you’ve made the decision to propose, listen to all the hints you can get! Does she like the simplicity of her best friend’s ring? Or the art deco appeal of her sister’s?

See to the four C’s

The four Cs is the most important things to consider when selecting a diamond.  Get familiar with the four C’s of buying a diamond – color, cut, clarity, and carat. These four C’s will be wholly responsible for the price you will be paying in the end. These are the factors that dictate the price and quality of the stone so you need to know what they mean.

Color ranges from D (colourless) to Z (strong yellow tints). D to F are colourless, whereas G to H are near colourless. A diamond with less colour will exhibit more fire and brilliance and therefore be of greater value.

The cut is about the shape of diamonds and it denotes how the stone was crafted from its natural state and dictates how light passes through the stone.

Clarity ranges from flawless to naturally included . A mere 1% of the world’s diamonds are naturally flawless, which means no inclusions or visible marks are visible to the naked eye. The less included the diamond, the more valuable it is and, in turn, the more expensive.

And then the carat. The most visually apparent factor when shopping for a diamond is the carat. The carat of a diamond or gemstone is a measure of weight. So one carat is equal to 0.2 gram .

Consider Also A Gemstone

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but what’s seldom is also wonderful. The point is that more and more people are choosing an alternative to diamonds for their engagement ring.

Get To Know The Ring Styles

You wouldn’t buy a new motor without knowing a thing or two about car makes so why buy a ring without finding out what you’re looking at.

Solitaires, halos and trilogy rings may sound like computer games but they’re actually just ring styles. Do your homework and you’ll be better placed to know the right ring when you see it.

Consider The Wedding Ring

It may seem a bit early to think about the wedding ring but it’s an important part of the process. A wedfit engagement ring is one that’s designed to accommodate a wedding ring. 

Go To A Reliable Seller

A ring is a big investment so be careful where you buy it. Choose a trustworthy seller with a good reputation. An experienced seller can help you to find the best option in your budget and take the mystery out of ring shopping.

Rise Jewellery collections is sparkly, unique and stylish, and designed with one thing in mind – to create special moments, memories and love. We will help you select the piece that is perfect for a birthday, engagement, wedding or anniversary. We will help you create memories and joy.

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