How To Wear Sterling Silver Jewelry: 3 Rules Not To Be Underestimated

In Italy, in the second post-war period, the advice and rules of conduct shared by Donna Letizia made it possible to underline the importance of femininity and etiquette. It is a matter of respecting certain guidelines on clothing, behaviour and on how to wear jewelry, in order to best express one’s feminine charm.

Think that until a few decades ago, the rules were very strict, you could not wear diamonds until you were 40 years old, and pearls were allowed only with elegant clothes.

Today, etiquette is less rigid and fashion invites you to dare with colors and shapes. However, there are rules of bon ton that are always current, because you can not overlook the charm of a style that captivates and conquers the people you meet. So, you should not neglect certain guidelines and put them into practice immediately.

Eternity Sterling Silver Ring Worn By Ana
Eternity Sterling Silver Ring Worn By Ana


It is very difficult to know how to wear jewellery, as it is for clothes. It is necessary to make sure that they are appropriate to the occasion, the age and the look with which they are to be matched. The golden rule is “less is more”.

While you’re dressing, do you already think whether the earrings or necklace you have in your jewelry box will match the dress perfectly? Remember that a few carefully chosen jewels will always make you look better than many randomly worn jewels.

Fashion influences you and encourages you to experiment with new combinations. Sometimes you would dare, it’s normal, but if you don’t want to make mistakes and trivialize elegance, first choose the dress and then match the right jewelry. Remember, never mix different gems and metals, so as not to lose style and elegance, and never wear more than 3 jewels together.


Imagine going to work in an evening dress, would you? The same rule applies to jewellery. Clothes and accessories must be compatible and suitable for the situation, that’s why they are divided between those for daytime and those for evening.

During the day you should wear simple jewelry with clear gems, like amethyst. For example, lobe earrings combined with a necklace with a pendant give life to a sober look, but at the same time elegant and feminine.

The working context is different. When you get ready to go to the office, avoid jewels that are too showy and demanding. It is your professionalism that must emerge and you must not offer distractions. Avoid jewelry, steel and fake stones. Choose silver accessories that underline the elegance of your style without ever stealing the scene.


Jewelry is meant to enhance your beauty. Whether it’s earrings, necklaces, rings or necklaces, you need to know how to wear them wisely. There are some of them of every shape and length, but before choosing them you will have to evaluate them according to your features, the silhouette and the dress you intend to wear.

The shape of your face is very important to determine the type of earrings you will wear. An oval face can potentially adapt to any type of accessory, but you must respect the proportions. That is, value smaller jewellery if you have thin lips and tiny nose, while if you have large eyes and fleshy lips, you can choose larger jewelry.

Each face has its own peculiarities, so if you have a long face you could opt for short lobe earrings. Or, if you have a round face you could emphasize it with long, thin earrings, and medium-long necklaces. If, instead, you have a face with more defined and squared features, then you could choose earrings with soft lines that compensate for the marked features, softening it.

Just as facial features affect the earrings you will wear, the shape and length of your neck can also direct you towards choosing the most suitable necklace.

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