Sterling Silver Vs. White Gold: We Tell You The Real Difference!

Sterling Silver vs White Gold. The two are both beautiful and precious pieces of metal that can create almost any kind of jewelry. You will find rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and everything in between in sterling silver and white gold.

So what is the difference between the two of them and why does it matter? Do you think they look exactly the same or are you a jewelry expert who can tell every little difference?

Regardless of what you know and don’t know about sterling silver and white gold, we hope you find something helpful and interesting from reading this.

By the end, you will feel like an expert, or at least comfortable and confident enough in your knowledge that you are ready to make a decision about which one to buy.

The Look

When you see two samples of jewelry next to each other that are sterling silver and white gold, you may not be able to tell the difference. But that’s okay.

For some of you, you may notice that sterling silver has a bit more brightness to it than white gold.

Regardless of whether or not you can identify it with the naked eye, don’t stress too much. Do your research, ask questions, and decide which piece is better for you.

That may change depending on who you are buying it for, yourself, a friend, or a significant other. It may also vary depending on what you are buying it for.

Is it for a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation gift? We regularly see two main types of jewelry being sold, which are most easily identified as yellow gold and silver.

Sterling silver and white gold have a very similar silver/gray color. These metals suit best men and women who have cooler skin tones. However, they can be flattering to anyone, and it very much depends on the style and preference of the person.

You can pair white gold and sterling silver with most colors and gems such as crystals, turquoise, and pearls.

Now that you have a good idea of what they look like at first glance, you may still be curious why it matters to know more about them.

What is the difference between the two of them? Let’s talk about what these gorgeous metals are made up of, how long they will last ideally, and how durable they are for everyday wear and tear.

Sterling Silver Vs. White Gold: Durability

So you want to find something that will last, something that you won’t tarnish, scratch or break easily.

That leads us to discuss the durability of sterling silver and white gold, as well as how much these metals compare when it comes to wear and tear.

You may have heard myths about the idea that sterling silver doesn’t last. But we have good news! Sterling silver can last you decades.

If you purchase quality sterling silver and treat it well, you can expect it to last for 30 or more years. Yes, that includes the ring that you wear every single day!

For example, you can absolutely wear your sterling silver in water; if it’s raining or you are taking a shower, there is no need to panic and take your ring off.

However, this may cause it to tarnish and will require cleaning to get back it’s a shiny silver look. Furthermore, if you are swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool or working with any kind of chemical, it is a good idea to keep your silver jewelry stored away. This also includes saltwater like the ocean.

White gold is more similar to platinum in the sense that it is a higher quality and possibly even a little rarer. With that being said, white gold may look like platinum, but with time the rhodium plating may cause issues.

One of the biggest differences between white gold and sterling silver when it comes to durability is that white gold is more scratch-resistant.

Sterling Silver Vs. White Gold: Price Comparison

Typically white gold is more valuable than sterling silver. This is the case because white gold is made up of up to 75% pure gold.

Pure gold comes with a fancier price tag as well as the nickel alloy. Sterling silver is mixed with copper, which is a less expensive metal.

To give you a better idea, keep in mind that white gold comes with a price tag of $23.86 per gram, while sterling silver is only $0.59 per gram!

Does this mean that white gold is always better because it costs more? In some ways, yes. You are guaranteed to get a quality and valuable piece of jewelry when you purchase white gold.

But don’t fret if you are in search of budget-friendly jewelry, because sterling silver is exceptional as well. You will pay a price that won’t require to dig too deep into your pocket and get a piece of jewelry that resembles white gold.

Which metal should you choose?

First and foremost, let us say that sterling silver and white gold are both fabulous options when buying jewelry. If you are looking for a piece that will last you a long time and won’t cost a fortune, you may want to go with sterling silver.

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