The Ultimate Diamond Guide

Marriage is (hopefully) forever. And so is that big, sparkly rock you’re about to spend a fortune on.  Selecting the right look of diamond is essential. Whether it’s a cherished tennis-style diamond bracelet, stunning solitaire stud earrings, or sparkling wedding or engagement rings, it’s fine jewelry that’s meant to be seen.

You’ve done the hard work of finding the right person; now here’s how to find a diamond that’ll outlast your love.


When looking at a diamond, the eye perceives a balance of its characteristics and components, including, but not limited to, the 4 C’s. Each of the C’s are graded on a scale. And it can be evaluated for quality. The most consistent entities are the GIA and the AGS.


Generally people consider diamond as color white but there are shades of white and decidedly colorful alternative options for diamonds as well. The standard measurement of a diamond’s color is the official color scale established by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

This scale rates diamonds with a grade from colorless – a perfectly clear, shining stone with no color – to noticeable color – a stone that has a slight yellow tint. Generally, diamonds closer to the colorless end of the spectrum are the rarest and therefore the highest value.

While some settings, such as the classic solitaire engagement ring, do emphasize a single central stone, design trends have also made a dazzling array of multi-stone settings available. If you’re choosing a colored stone, consider how it will (or can!) interact with the stones around it as you create your ideal jewelry piece.


The clarity grading scale for diamond quality rates the number of inclusions on an abbreviated scale, marked with letter-number grading scores:

At one end of the scale, a grade of “FL” translates to “flawless,” which refers to a diamond with no visible flaws inside or out, under 10x magnification. These types of diamonds are very rare and come with price tags to match.

Moving a little further down, VVS1 and VVS2 represent ascending degrees of “Very Very Slightly Included,” which means the stone does have flaws, but they’re very difficult for a trained diamond grader to spot.

The VS1 and VS2 grades of diamond clarity, which drop one of the “very” prefixes and stands for “Very Slightly Included” – it’s reasonably easy for a trained grader to notice these under magnification. At this range of the scale, an untrained grader may notice one or more inclusions without magnification, depending on the shape of the stone and where the flaw is situated.

A little lower, SI1SI2, and SI3 are applied to stones that are “Slightly Included,” and have some of the easiest flaws to locate under magnification. This area of the scale represents the point where flaws are starting to become visible without magnification.

Finally, at the other end of the scale, I1I2, and I3 are simply “Included,” with flaws that are likely not only visible without magnification, but may also affect the structural durability of the stone itself.

With diamond simulants, the variables and inclusions that create flaws in mined stones are essentially removed from the sourcing process. This makes it so that every diamond alternative stone can be created with a rating of Internally Flawless.


A diamond’s cut is one of the most important factors in determining a quality diamond. The cut is officially measured on the GIA’s diamond cut scale, which uses six distinct grades. Depending on how the diamond is physically cut from the stone, it can range in quality from Ideal to Poor cut.

The cut of a stone will affect how “sparkly” the finished stone is, how high or low it sits within a setting. It will set the tone for aesthetic attributes.

Cut is a focal point of your diamond selection. Even a pristine 2 Carat Diamond with no blemishes or color tinting can be dull if it’s not cut exceptionally well. Cut is the biggest indicator of beauty, and should be made priority over the other C’s. As an example, this 1.50 Carat Round Brilliant is graded well for each “C” but lacks a vivacious sparkle.

Because Cut is so important to a diamond’s fundamental beauty, it’s crucial to review a diamond’s Cut carefully and ask for the
eye of an expert


Contrary to popular belief, carats do not necessarily refer to the overall physical size of a stone (e.g., its length, width, and height). Instead, they refer to the physical weight of a stone, with one carat weighing approximately the same as a standard metal paperclip.

As the carats of a stone creep up, referring to it as the colloquial “rock” might be more accurate than most realize. That said, much like the other three “Cs” of diamond quality, it can’t be considered in silo.

If big carats are a must, temper the cost with a sparkling diamond alternative for the best of both worlds. Not only are they exponentially easier to source than mined diamonds, but each one is created to be Ideal cut and internally flawless.

At this point in your search, you will hopefully be coming up with many diamond to choose from, within your budget and search criteria. It is time consuming and can be stressful, but by making calculated decisions and changing the combinations of the 4Cs, you will be able to shave off several hundred dollars off the price of your stone and cherry pick the ideal diamond for your ring.

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