Top 8 Different Types of Sterling Silver Bracelets

Sterling silver bracelets are some of the most fashionable accessories that you can pair with any outfit. From the office to girls night out, bracelets fit the bill for any look. They come in a variety of styles and colors, and like many jewelry items. Each type of bracelet has its own special meaning.

From sterling silver bracelets for business casual to special occasion bracelets, to friendship bracelets and charms, there’s a bracelet design out there for everyone! Here’s a look at 11 of our favorite different types of bracelets.

Affirmation Sterling Silver Bracelets

Affirmation sterling silver bracelets are ideal for just about anyone! This type of bracelet design has a phrase embedded into the jewelry. What makes affirmation bracelets to special is that they contain a personalized expression worn close to the heart.

Is there a phrase that you repeat to yourself during trying times? Or maybe there’s a date with particular meaning attached to it? Time to personalize your affirmation bracelet.

Alternatively, they make great gifts for that special someone! Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or you want to honor your anniversary by giving your significant other an affirmation bracelet, the options are endless!


There’s nothing as jingly as the signature sound bangles make. Wear one by itself, stack several in an arm party or accessorize an evening gown with glitzy bangles. However you choose to wear them – they’re sure to add a dash of spice to your life.

The unique feature of bangles is that they don’t have a latch or fastener. Instead, you simply slide your hand through the bangle and it fits loosely around your arm.

Bangle bracelets come in various metals and materials including sterling silver, gold and jade. And while some people don’t love the fact that they slide around the wrist, it truly is the defining feature of a bangle bracelet.

Chain Sterling Silver Bracelets and Charms

Chain sterling silver bracelets are small ovals, or loops, that are linked together to form a bracelet. It’s a simple, fluid design that creates a classic look. One of the most unique things about wearing chain bracelets is that you have options: wear the chain alone or attach charms to make a charm bracelet. Which leads us to our next bracelet:

Traditional charm bracelets feature a chain with charms attached. Now, there are even charm bracelets made entirely of charms. Imagine taking the dangling charms and linking them all together instead of attaching them to a chain.

The limits of creativity with charm bracelets are endless, which means you’ll have a charm bracelet entirely unique to you. How special!

Sterling Silver Cuffs

Cuffs are similar to bangles except they have a gap separating one end from the other, like a shirt sleeve cuff. Another difference is that they sit close against your skin and don’t slide around like bangles do. You can wear cuff bracelets around your wrist, or you can channel your inner Cleopatra and wear one around your upper arm for an exotic look.

Gemstone Sterling Silver Bracelets

Amethyst, citrine and sapphires, oh my! Gemstone sterling silver bracelets are absolutely stunning and can be mixed with multiple gemstones or isolated to one type of gem with accentuating metals. They make particularly thoughtful birthday gifts.

That’s because each birthday month has a birthstone. Having trouble choosing a birthday gift for your bff? Surprise her with a gemstone bracelet made with her birthstone!

But don’t let birthstones fool you into thinking you can only wear gemstone bracelets that match your birth month. Have a favorite gemstone? Why not wear it with an earthy, boho-chic gemstone bracelet?

Slider Sterling Silver Bracelets  

Slider sterling silver bracelets are a functional option for those having a difficult time finding the right sized bracelet. What is a slider bracelet? Essentially, this is a bracelet for everyone and anyone because it’s adjustable. The clasp slides back and forth, making it easier than ever to make sure your bracelet fits you well and stays on your wrist.

Tennis Sterling Silver Bracelets

Don’t let the name fool you: tennis bracelets are not exclusively reserved for pro tennis players. However, they did get their name from a famous tennis star who was wearing a formerly named “eternity” bracelet during a tennis match.

In the middle of the game, she asked for a timeout to search for her bracelet that flew off during the game. Henceforth, the eternity bracelet became known as the tennis bracelet.

Tennis bracelets are typically made with diamonds, which is why they are worn and loved by many. Whether you’re an athlete or not is irrelevant, because tennis bracelets are a staple jewelry accessory for everyone. No matter where you sport your tennis bracelet, you’re sure to turn heads!

Wristwatch Sterling Silver -Bracelets

Want to look fashionable and always be on time? Then you need a wristwatch bracelet. This hybrid accessory is both a bracelet and a watch, combining style and functionality.

Versatility for the win! With a wristwatch bracelet, you decide when to be fashionably late, and when to arrive on time. Either way, you’ll always arrive in style.

From the glitz and glam of an evening out to sprucing up your office attire, bracelets give you the chance to accessorize every look. Now that you know all about the different types of bracelets, you can have fun mixing and matching!

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