We Love Silver Jewellery

The shine, sparkle and happiness that silver jewellery creates is so amazing. People love wearing all kinds of silver jewellery including, silver rings, silver earrings, silver necklaces and silver pendants. Silver jewellery goes well with any type of outfit you want to wear, simply match your style with the clothes you are wearing and you are ready to show off your elegant style. Silver Jewellery is also very affordable which makes it the best choice when selecting your next piece of jewellery, which means you can purchase fashion inspired designs and not break the bank.

When purchasing silver jewellery make sure that all pieces are of high quality and they are plated or coated with a material that does not oxidise or tarnish over time. This will keep your jewellery shine for longer and last you a life time. At Rise Jewellery we only use 925 sterling silver for all of our jewellery and 5 A diamond simulants for our stones. We coat the final silver jewellery in rhodium which gives it that extra sparkle and shine. You will love our silver jewellery as our designs and quality, as they are created just for you.

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