What are Sterling Silver Eternity Rings and Bands: A Complete Guide

You may have heard of sterling silver eternity rings or eternity bands, but are still not quite sure what they are or what they represent. If this is the case, we’re here to help. 

But first, we must identify what is an eternity ring?

Eternity is a mysterious word. The actual word itself means an infinite amount of time. In fact, it means timelessness–time with no beginning or end. The best way to represent eternity is with a circle. A circle also has no beginning or end.

The concept of an eternity ring dates back approximately 4,000 years to Egyptian times. While the Egyptians didn’t necessarily use the rings to commemorate a specific occasion, they were said to have used them simply as a token of both eternal love and life.

The actual concept of an eternity ring was created by British diamond company DeBeers in the 1960s. The product line was targeted towards married women and was intended to make use of the stockpile of small diamonds DeBeers had available. One ad campaign directed at husbands read, “She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it’s going.”

Sterling silver eternity rings are supposed to symbolize one person’s ultimate commitment to another. The stones encircling the entire band have no beginning and no end, and thus represent eternity – the length of time that the couple will be together.

Popular Eternity Band Metals


sterling silver eternity ring

Sterling silver is one of the most popular metals made in jewelry. Sterling silver hasn’t gained the reputation of being one of the best metals for jewelry making for no reason!

Sterling silver, also designated as .925 silver, is an alloy of silver and other metals and is harder than gold. It is also considered one of the more flexible metals because of the ease of use, making it a premium material for crafting jewelry. Silver is less expensive than gold but that does not affect the beauty of the pieces that can be created using this precious metal.

That is why they are really great choice for eternity ring.


Platinum is a fantastic metal for eternity rings due to its natural white color. This looks equally stunning when set against diamonds or colored gemstones. The deep colors of Ruby and Sapphire look just as good as softer colors like Peridot and Blue Topaz on platinum eternity rings.


Rose gold eternity rings are very popular with ladies on account of their lovely, feminine, rose-pink hue. This colored gold is beautiful to contrast Diamonds, for example, or to compliment similarly-colored stones like Morganite, Pink Sapphire, or Pink Tourmaline.


If you want the white hue of platinum to compliment your stones but don’t have the budget for this option, white gold is a fantastic alternative. White gold eternity rings may need occasional re-plating, which platinum rings do not, but it looks just as beautiful when paired with diamonds or colored stones.

When Should I Give an Eternity Ring?

There are those who say that eternity rings should be given as 60th anniversary gifts, but this theory is becoming less and less popular. Some still believe that these rings should be given as 10th anniversary gifts, but many men choose the first anniversary to give their wives eternity rings.

That being said, these rings don’t necessarily have to be given on an anniversary at all.

Given that the Egyptians didn’t wait for a special occasion to present their wives with these rings, any time is a perfect time to give your partner an eternity ring. Some couples even give eternity rings before becoming engaged.

Find an Eternity Ring That Is Perfect for You

An eternity ring should use a band of gemstones to represent your eternal love, but it doesn’t need to conform to any other criteria. This means that you are free to customize it to your heart’s content and ensure that you end up with a ring that represents your relationship’s individuality.

At Rise Jewellery, we have the perfect sterling silver eternity ring just for you! Our silver jewellery is sparkly, unique and stylish, and designed with one thing in mind – to create special moments, memories and love.

We will help you select the piece that is perfect for a birthday, engagement, wedding or anniversary. We will help you create memories and joy. Remember, you don’t need an occasion to celebrate. Gift someone with a beautiful silver item because you care and because you love them!

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