When Do You Give A Sterling Silver Eternity Ring?

A wonderful reminder of a loving relationship eternity rings can be presented as a gift at any time during that relationship. It is a symbol of everlasting love and a continuum of expectations that encircle the couple just as the precious gems encircle the ring.

Anniversaries and special occasions like the birth of a child are ideal times to give a give of an Eternity Ring. On the other hand, no special occasion at all is another great time to surprise a loved one with this unique present.

Eternity Rings received their name for the never-ending circle of gems (usually diamonds) that are set all around the ring. The wedding ring is another symbol of a continuous loving relationship and some couples decide to replace the traditional plain band with an Eternity Ring.

The gem studded Eternity Rings are sparkling favorites for gifts to mark milestones in a loving relationship. There are many choices available although the ones containing a circle of diamonds are the most popular.

Full-ring or Half-ring?

Gems can be all diamonds or a mix of gems including sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or other precious gems. A “full” ring has gems all the way around but this means that the ring cannot ever be resized if the wearer has a change in finger size due to weight changes.

A “half” ring does not have that problem and has gems only around one half of the circumference of the ring. The full styles are bulkier and may cause some problems for the wearer that the half rings do not pose. The problems with sizing are one reason many jewelers only special order Eternity Rings rather than keeping some in stock. This also adds to the cost of the rings.

Gem shapes are easier to manage in creating the rings if they are the square or oblong shapes rather than round. The visual treat of viewing these rings is important and for this reason some women prefer the half ring so the stones can all be seen. Comfort while wearing the ring is another consideration in making a choice between a full setting and half setting of gems.

Occasions that might be considered the best time to give an eternity ring include:

  • The first wedding anniversary.
    As a fitting and permanent symbol of how your marriage has blossomed through the first of what will hopefully be many happy years together.
  • The birth of your first child.
    Your love for each other grows even stronger when you’ve got a wonderful little baby to thank each other for. And your love for that baby will be eternal too.
  • Another milestone anniversary 
    Perhaps your fifth or your tenth. Or whenever you want to celebrate your marriage so far. It give a symbol for how it will continue to stand the test of time
  • Or just when the time is right
    Maybe some of those occasions have already passed you by. And maybe you don’t want to wait that long for another. The fact is that giving an eternity ring is a beautiful and thoughtful gesture at any time in your marriage.

Eternity rings or jewelry depicting a line without end have been found in diggings from primitive civilizations as much as 4000 years ago. Today they still represent eternal love and longevity in a relationship. It is a tangible representation and a symbol of love and caring in a relationship. The Eternity Ring can truly be given at any time and for any occasion that is special to a caring couple.

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